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Healing Environments can be interpreted as meaning:  healing an environment the artwork is situated within; healing “the Environment”; and locations that practice the healing arts.

Some past projects:

 NYU Langone Health


Memorial Hermann Rehab Hospital

Context: A site-specific installation of 50 images installed throughout the hospital. Depicting the natural world from a human scale these landscape photos offer patients images in which they can project themselves into deep pictorial space. These images, intended as an alternative to TV viewing, provide a contemplative respite and are an integral part of the healing process.



Weatherford OB/GYN Associates

Context: A site-specific installation of 45 images installed throughout a a full-service medical clinic specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. Flowers were selected as a timeless symbol of the female reproductive system and as celebration of fertility in general.


Memorial Hermann, Richmond Bone And Joint